So glad to have been selected to participate in this historical addition to the animation community, here in the Bay Area.

The 1st annual GLAS Animation Festival takes place March 3-6, 2016 in the historic city off Berkeley, California, just a quick ride away from San Francisco. GLAS Animation Festival puts its emphasis on what is new, innovative, and exciting in the contemporary world of independent animation. We focus on the artistry of the international independent animation community while uniting all aspects of animation including professionals, and students alike. Our venues include the Shattuck Cinemas,  the David Brower Centerand the Berkeley Art Center. 

At GLAS Animation Festival we have a complete competition program for best NarrativeNon-Narrative, UndergraduateGraduate, and Commissioned short films as well as a Best Featurecompetition category. We feature retrospectivesspecial curated programsguest curatorsQ&Asbehind the scene screenings and panelsanimation installations and more. GLAS Animation Festival unites the animation community with the Berkeley and Bay Area community, sharing great and unique animated works from around the world.

Our goal is to become the leading animation festival in the United States where the international animation community can gather together to view and share work from around the globe.

A Chance Encounter With Pete at the Walt Disney Family Museum!

Life has a way of putting you in the right place at the right time. Today I got the rare opportunity to sit and talk with Pete Docter, as we both visited the Walt Disney Family Museum at the Presido, to hear Andreas Deja speak on his new book about Disney's Nine Old Men. We talked about Inside Out, candy, and my first-year student film Doctored. I had reached out to Pixar's Andrew Gordon about using a piece of audio from a Spline Cast interview he conducted with Pete. I was nice to here that Pete remembered my inquiry and a real treat to spend two hours talking to him. Reassurance that I am on the right path towards achieving my goals in animation.


I also had an interesting conversation with historian Don Peri about my research into documenting animation, and a student who had heard about me from a friend of hers, that I help over the summer session at CCA during the Pixar@CCA lectures. What a great day! 

I'm Going Back to Cali...


After a well needed five weeks of reconnecting with my daughters and wife, I'm heading back to Oakland to continue to dream. It was nice traveling thought Texas eating, sleeping, and laughing as a family once again; despite the crazy continuous rain shower everyday for three weeks. At times it felt like my own version of National Lampoons Vacation...

As I've stated in previous posts over the semester, this journey still seems a bit surreal for me. Six months ago I took the 43 hour train ride here (inspired by Walt's preferred traveling method), leaving behind a somewhat decent life, in exchange for adventure. I had grown tired of just working for the sake of providing for my family and needed something more to call my life. Many of my friends and family belied I was going through a form of "mid-life crisis", I likened it to a life re-examined. I guess the fact I began to prefer spending my days off trekking through the woods and listening to to world that lives between wind and silence; was what made me realize that there's more I could be doing with my life.

I always wanted to live in San Francisco since the days of watching Full House as a young boy growing up in Stamford Connecticut. I still find myself standing and looking upon the skyline of San Francisco from various points throughout the Bay. It's just so great to be here and take advantage of the opportunities of creating a better life for my family. Proof that life long dreams can become reality...



I owe everything to these two wonderful, giving, and loving friends. They appeared in my life when I was ready to abandon all of my goals, in exchange for a steady low waged future. I was told to step out on faith and believe in what had laid inside of me for thirteen years dormant, eager to be awaken. It is with 100% gratitude to Chuck and Emily that I am here at CCA, balanced with the emotional support of my wife Twinkie and children Giordan, Madso, and Groceries.

2nd. Annual CCA Animation Alumni Day


When I arrived the campus looked empty, only to discover that everything was being held in front of Founder's Hall. I thought it would be a campus wide thing ,but it's just the Animation Department. There where maybe 40-50 people including students, faculty, alumni, and guests. Here's how things played out.


12:00PM: Thing's are kicking off! I see Rick our department chair, food and Yan, a fellow animation student.

2:00-4:20PM: After a great BBQ cookout and finally getting to know the names of other animation students in my class; it was nice to hear about the ups and downs of life after CCA.

4:30PM: Steve Purcell is here and I had a great opportunity to talk with him before the lecture (thanks JH for introducing me) about his work as a director on "Toy Story That Time Forgot". While I can't share much about the interview since I didn't ask his permission to interview him, I did find an interview he game at Comic-Con last year with Christina Radish of the Collider:


I do however have the audio of the lecture for those students who couldn't make it posted below. Steve cover so much information from his beginnings to where he's at now and heading. Mostly, he emphasized that "every chance you get to work on a project... treat it like it is the only opportunity that you have to do it." He also gave insight into the various cultures of CCA, Pixar, LucasArts, ILM and other great moments to listen to. Enjoy!

3B9CF3: How to Spend 43 Hours on a train...

Well it's big... I utilized two out of the nine hours sitting in Dallas' Union Station scheduling my time, while I'm on this journey. I've never taken the train further than up to Connecticut from North Carolina and vice versa, so this chance to travel West on the rails was a must for me. One thing you almost always get on a train is time to burn. But it's especially nice to have that time while you are on the move. It can so often be the best combination of peaceful and exciting.

Much of the time I'm spending catching up on films, drawing, taking pictures, and listening for stories. I decided to take the train in the spirit of Walt Disney, who to came to California by train with a dream. I have a great seat here with passengers who have children and ample room to stretch out and work. I fried two chickens and have a bag of dates, walnuts, 6 Honey Crisp Apples, some Newman's fig bars, and a gallon of water. We were suppose to be on our way 8 hours ago, but the train was delayed coming from Chicago. This worked out for the best since all of my bags weighed in over the allowed limit and my Pelican case with my iMac was to large. So, I ended up shipping two of the 5 bags via FedEx. 

Day One: 

7PM- We're moving headed to Los Angeles with our first stop in San Antonio around 1AM. I'm starting the trip off with the film Silver Streak.

10PM- The Darjeeling Limited

1AM- San Antonio? No... Train is delayed. We won't be there till 3AM, so I'm listening to Steve Reich.

3:20AM-  Just arrived in San Antonio and boy do I need a Coca-Cola! There's a fourth minute layover while. The hitch up to a new engine. 

3:40AM- What I thought would be a simple run to the snake machine turned into an ATF inspection of my itinerary. Luckily I bought a couple of Snickers bars to go with the Coca-Cola's, so I'm ready for whatever comes next.  

Day Two: 

11:34AM- Just woke up to the sound of what I thought was my daughter Caitlin singing, it was one of the children behind me.  I wish Amtrak offered waffles on the breakfast menu...

3PM- I had chicken and a Coca-Cola for lunch and did a quick study in watercolor of the view from my window.  Saw a couple of guys run for the train at one of the multiple stops along the route, I guess they went for a smoke break. I've been trying to monitor the trains speed using my Suunto Ambit 3 watch and the speed doesn't seem right. We are traveling between 45 and 73 mph., which seems a bit slow. Anyway... I'm about to start watching the Goonies, and then I'll follow it up with Krull before I focus on dinner and we should be in Arizona by 8PM.