Session 1: Where Do Layout Artist Come From?

It's great to be back! Last year around this same time I was enrolled in Craig Goods class and let's just say I'm glad to have had time to elevate my skills. 

A lot has transpired during that time, having my film pitch be green-light, volunteering at GLAS' inaugural festival, participating in Pixar@CCA, and teach/directing my own class based on my approach to cinematic animation. The reason why I re-enrolled is that during last year I was able to focus more on where I wanted to apply my focus within the animation industry. I wanted to work in the story department as a liaison between the layout department. A position that doesn't really exist, but I feel is needed; especially in the way in which story artist are being asked to animate more shots into boards.

Anyway, I'm excited to start this next chapter of my time here at CCA and I can think of no better way than to doing it along side of Craig Good.

For those who don't know who Craig is, it's mainly because he does his job so well. Craig is a veteran in the history of animation working at Lucas Film and at Pixar (before they where Pixar) for the past 30 years. Currently he's retired, but has been teaching at the college for the past year. What a huge score for the animation department as a whole.