Sessions 11-17: Henson meets Wright: It's time to play the music, it's time to light up the lights...

Edgar Wright directing his first film in 1994. Edgar Wright/Twitter Design by: Mister Kennedy

Session 11: Ideas and Construction

As a child, I remember spend an exorbitant amount of time watching television, back when you had to be present at a certain time, on a certain day or you missed out. Much of that time was bonding with my father, who left for work at 5 AM and returned around 4 PM; the life of a plasterer in the Tri-State area of the 1980s. He would be home by the time my bus arrived to greet me with food that he had picked-up at some local deli and I would begin to prepare for my daily ritual of cartoons on Fox, followed by Nickelodeon or the Cartoon Express on the USA Network.

What I remember most of those times was watching shows like Dr. Who, Benny Hill, and the Muppet Show. This was when I got to see my father as a child. He would laugh and nudge my side, and ask dumb questions like "did you see that?"; as if I hadn't been right there. As a father of two daughters's I find myself doing the same thing with them, however with the access to entertainment available just a touch away, there are times that moments I see that are magical become just the norm for them.

With the exception of one thing The Muppet's. How is it that Jim Henson's characters have been able to sustain disbelief for almost fifty years? For me it's nostalgic and something much greater that I've yet to put my finger on.  Henson through his talents and that of Frank Oz presented the Muppets with a view that spanned connected me to shows like Dr. Who and Benny Hill. They also expanded beyond their educational younger cousin on Sesame Street, teaching that they are a band of transplants that just happen to be striving for the American Dream together.

As usual, Craig has given the class some help in getting the story/narrative up on its legs. First, we are given a prompt, then a series of events, that lead up to our own conclusion. Immediately, I thought of the Muppets for this one and I can bearly wait! Get it I said bear instead of bare... WAKKA WAKKA!


So, for this third project, I thought what better way to pay homage to the great Jim Henson. I have three weeks, up to sixty boards to try and move his creation into the modern era of comedy, and who's doing visual comedy the best right now Edgar Wright. Below you'll find some of the tools I'm using to help with this project. Enjoy!

            Click through to watch the film.

            Click through to watch the film.

Session 12: Muppets: Chicken and Waffles Blocking (IP take One)

Progress on this piece if going well, however it's taking me some time designing the characters based on Henson's originals. Looks like the library in Rockridge has a copy of a great reference book. Anyway, the next take on this will be on model, as well as have more of my style in it; which will help in making things look more polished. Enjoy!


Would have loved another week to get this polished up, but a deadline is a deadline.