Rounding Out the Year...

The new year is upon us and I will begin post more once I start the second leg of my venture West on January 10, 2015. As I've stated in previous posts here, a lot has taken place over the course of 2014. From postponement of attending CCA in the Fall to this coming Spring semester, to relocating my family from Chapel Hill North Carolina to Texas. The past four months were the toughest I've dealt with in a long time, being away from my family as a whole. But, it did allow me the opportunity to reconnect with myself. Once again I would like to thank everyone for their continued support in the "You've Got A Friend In Me Pledge" which has and continues to aid me in paying for my schooling at the California College of the Arts in Oakland California. 

Over the next posts I plan on sharing some plans that I've been working on since leaving Chapel Hill back on 12/13/14. Also, Ive started two additional blogs that will focus on LAIKA Animation Studios and Disney/PIXAR Animation Studios. I'm hoping to contribute more of my technical ideas on pushing the industry further on these sites, as well keeping readers up to date on studio/personnel news. This site will continue to follow my journey as I head through CCA's animation program, new artwork and enrichment opportunities, and anything related to reaching my dream of working at Disney/PIXAR or LAIKA Animation Studios. So hears a toast... to the unmade future of 2015!

-Mister Kennedy