Live Simply: Day 8

As the days get shorter I've been focusing more on creating a map of how I plan on attacking my studies to insure I do my best in my studies at CCA this coming spring. Specifically, I've been working on how best to position myself for success over the summer internship/job quest. The question I keep running across in my thoughts is how can I be most efficient in my time usage, and apply that time to develop my goals. At times recently I've had thoughts of will I be able to surprise myself once I get out to San Francisco? Similar to when I moved to Chapel Hill in 1998. After all, I don't want to waste a moment of this opportunity. When in doubt and I begin to get these moments of the future that's ahead of me, I tend to watch a select few films to go things rolling.

I usually start with Empire Strikes Back, then an 80s film in the vein of Over the Top, and finally something that fits the mood I'm in at that moment. Somehow I find myself watching at least one animated feature a day as a method of R&D. Yet, the movies of Pixar hold a special place in  understanding what I'm striving towards each day. And when it comes to my favorite Pixar film or for the matter directors, it's pretty hard to make that statement, since each film and its director pulls a certain emotional nostalgia out through their cinematic approach.

To me the Pixar Braintrust, the group of talent that shapes what the overall film will represent, needs each part to pull off the quality that we've all become accustomed to viewing each year. One of my favorites is Andrew Stanton, for he has a way of delivering adventure every time. Here's another interview from Andrew Gordon's Spline Cast podcast series featuring Stanton, who was hired as the second animator at Pixar, for your enjoyment. Also, take a look at an interview he gave to DP/30 on the Disney/PixarAcademy Award Winning Feature-Film WALL-E