Live Simply: Day 87


September 17, 2014

Achieving the act of living simply in the digital age, is no small task of focus. In the environment where technology is at ones finger's at any given moment, this connection has allowed for less contemplation on issues that arise throughout the day. I myself have found that straddling the fields of parenthood, work, and career has forced me to view life in a particularly special way. Does one need to refrain for personal career satisfaction, in order to be seen as a responsible adult? Sould one decide that I have had my chance at goals and dreams, simply because one isn't in the twenties? I recall a fellow student last semester when I was applying to theCalifornia College of the Arts saying "I get it. You want to fulfill that childhood dream of drawing for Disney. But, your in you mid thirties. Shouldn't you be more focused on just get a job that pays well? After all, animation is a young mans game..." I saw his argument for what it was, a hard look at many truths of a business culture that seems to be centered around youth and trends. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the most up-to-date with the current state of technology. After all, I still love the way in which 2D animation looks in its handcrafted display such as when one flips a stack of drawings bring to life the inanimate. Needless to say this is what I intend on creating with this blog as I count down the days until my travels across this land to San Francisco in December. Mostly what I'm aim at is a method to explore my struggle to understand me and the life I'm creating. To me life is much like the deceiving spare interface of the Google search engine, which is ready to aid you in your discovery with unlimited possibility, if you're able to enter in the right search phrase. 

Of such search phrases is the word postpone. According to the Oxford American Dictionary means: arrange for something to take place at a time later than first planned. For me this word began with a conversation with my wife about timing, in relationship to our family needs. After a month of pondering with the idea I decided to postpone my studies for a semester in order to play a bigger supportive role with the family structure. So, that's what has led me to this very moment.