Good Day All:

Since 2004 I've been an avid follower of anything PIXAR related, from the Art of books to toys, and even stamps. For a time anything revealing PIXAR news related was either from traditional news sites in general or Cartoon Brew. I remember doing a search on iTunes' podcast site for a more in-depth conversation on the studio as a whole when I ran across Derek Clements' Pixar Podcast. I had already been listening to Andrew Gordon's Spline Cast, which is still a treasure to anyone looking for an animators approach to animation. However, the Pixar Podcast seemed like a weekly get together with an old friend. Clements' who recorded the show from his dorm room at BYU, which I aim to do at CCA while I work my way through the animation program. 

I don't recall how I discovered the Derek Clements' Pixar Podcast, but since finding it, I came to rely on the weekly episodes as if it was movie night with the family. It saddened me when the podcast went silent last year, and I thought to myself why it does have to stop, why can't I do one with my take on educating animation students. So, I'm pleased to announce that this January will be the beginning of the Walt Disney PIXAR Braintrust Blog. Like Mr. Clements, who I owe the inspiration for doing this blog too, I plan on setting out to interview employees. Studio news, explore the impact of Disney and Pixar's films on popular culture and carry the torch forward as I work my way through the animation program at the California College of the Arts.

With me being only two miles from the studio in Emeryville and 365 miles from Burbank, what better way to build a working relationship than working on building a relationship. Needless to say, I hope things pan out with me being able to bring the same feeling of enjoyment to other animation students as I felt when hearing the weekly updates on the Pixar Podcast.

Many Thanks-

Mister Kennedy