How Do I Do What You Do?

With last week's passing of John Culhane last Monday, it got me thinking about the future of the animation historian. I figured we would cover the subject of his death in my weekly history of animation course. Instead, the topic wasn't even given light; even with me bring it up to my peers. However, I was able to touch on the subject in my Performativity course with John Rapko, and he incorporated my question/concerns into his lecture that day on Tzachi Zamir's views on Staging Objects.

This news prompted me to contact one of the best-known historians in the field of animation, John Canemaker. John's best known as "the Dean" of animation historians for his in-depth method of placing the reader on the historical content of the subject matter, without removing one's attention from the topic.

I didn't have anything in particular to ask Mr. Canemaker other than how do I do what you do? Which may seem like a particular question at first suggestion, however, the just of such a statement was as sincere I could be at that moment. Honestly, I had little hope or expectations that he would respond. After a long weekend, it was nice to open my email and see this response. So, here's his suggestions. 

I hope this entry helps other animation students looking to document their experiences. Working on interviews with Tom Sito of USC and Don Hahn Of Disney, on their methods of becoming an animation historian.