Disney Wins "Big Hero 6 Feast Style" at the 87th. Academy Awards: Part 1.

Yes, I'm about a month behind with this news but, school has been winning in a lot of areas of my life. So let's get back into the swing of things! With the huge win and sweep of the category at the 87th. Academy Awards, Disney’s Animation Studio grabbed both Best Animated Feature and Animated Short; proof that under the leadership of John Lasseter, Disney has returned home.

This post focuses on Disney's Animated Short Feast, which depicts a relationship between a voracious puppy named Winston and the young man who feeds him, has won the Academy Award for animated short film.

The film, which won an Annie Award earlier this year, played before showings of Disney’s feature Big Hero 6. Click on the image below to view Osborne's first in-house experimental project at Disney Animation called Pet.

The award goes to first-time nominees Patrick Osborne, who directed, and producer Kristina Reed, who also co-produced Big Hero 6 and worked on Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph, among other Disney productions. Feast was Osborne’s directorial debut; he served as animation supervisor on Disney’s “Paperman,” which was nominated for an Academy Award in the same category last year, and was an animator on Wreck-It RalphTangled and Bolt.

Feast was the first idea to be greenlighted under a new short-film program for Disney Animation employees.

“I thought, 'Wouldn't it be cool if we saw a puppy go through from being a young dog to grown up below the table as part of the family and enjoying these meals together?'" Osborne told The Times in an article published last week

Bite by bite, the tale chronicles the young man’s love life as seen through the eyes of his Boston terrier.

It was especially nice to hear Osborne give credit to Jeff Turley for his conceptual work that lead to the overall look of the film. Below is an interview with Jeff conducted by Imagines Studios Inc.:

Feast beat out four other animated shorts for the Oscar win, including The Bigger Picture, which follows two brothers struggling to care for their elderly mother; The Dam Keeper, about a little pig that operates a windmill that protects a town from poisonous clouds; Me and My Moulton, about a sensitive girl who wants a bicycle from her unconventional parents; and A Single Life, which follows a woman who travels in time using a mysterious vinyl record.