Day 146: Ask Not What CCA Can Do For You, Ask What Can You Do For CCA!

The Sunken Forest Production is seeking Character Animators, Environment Artists, Sound Designers and VFX Artists for next semester. We are searching for a team of 10 to 18 students to finish our project. The class will meet on Friday's from 10 AM till 4 PM. This Group Project course will include opportunities for students to focus on polishing their interests within the animation industry, as well as get feedback from the talented faculty within CCA’s Animation Department. 

The Sunken Forest is a film-festival-worthy project that explores culture, history and the supernatural; making this a perfect opportunity to gain team experience in the actual production and completion of an animated short film.


Character Animators: Must have a strong understanding of the 12 Principles of Animation and willingness to learn TVPaint.

Environment Artists: Must have refined fine art skills to fabricate backgrounds and set pieces such as buildings, but specifically the designing and color of organic nature, such as trees, plants, rocks, etc.

Sound Designers: Should have a working knowledge of Adobe Audition and will focus on crafting the ambient sounds as well as folly elements for the animated short.

VFX Artists: An understanding of TVPaint or interest in creating storm elements, lighting effects, and camera filters.

For more information, please visit: OR contact Mister Kennedy at

Please Note: To enroll in class, students must speak to Mister Kennedy.

This course can be applied towards Junior Projects or Tutorial requirements. For any additional information concerning credit for the course, please contact Rick Vertolli at