Day 2: theSTORY part 1

Last summer during the three-week Pixar@CCA lecture sessions, hosted by Jo Rivers, I did everything possible to ensure that I was part of next year's selected students. I attended all of the nightly talks, took notes, asked questions, and focused on taking all the steps to ensure that I would be able to participate come this summer. What stands out most from those night's was the theme of crafting a great film relies on a great story.

So what is a great story? According to John Lasseter, there are three key components to a great film.

1. Tell a compelling story
2. Populate the story with memorable and appealing characters
3. Create a believable world for the story and characters to live within
With these golden rules in mind, I began to look at how to take my personal experiences, ideas, and love of narrative and craft an epic of my own. It also doesn't hurt to let technology (Youtube) bring you into lecture halls from all around the world, and open doors to knowledge that use to be available to those with means of mobility. Here are some of the videos that helped me with structuring this project over the past year.

In the next post on the Story, I'll share a few my ideas that have made their way into the screenplay.