Day 88: It doesn't feel real until you have a poster!

Well the first promotional poster is complete! I was watching the making of Disney's Featured Short Film Feast and Patrick Osbourne said "the pressure of your timeline doesn't seem real, until your have a poster for the show up on the wall." I truly see what he meant in his statement. The fact that I've been working on writing, storyboarding, laying out animation, production management, and recruiting talent has indeed been rewarding; yet there's something magical about seeing a poster announcing what's on the horizon. Doing all of this preparation work in order to give my team an enriching experience has and continues to give me clarity. Especially on how best to see my vision for the film can be expanded upon by the extremely talented group that has signed on to aide in playing out ideas beyond the scope of my initial train of  thought. 

Things are in full swing now, and with the winds of Autumn slowly creeping in with fog; it's a great feeling! I just finished up 200+ hours of story training with Pixar's "New Voices in Animation" Intensive, through my college CCA. Spent this past Friday morning over at the studio and it was a bit of a surreal experience when I saw story legend Mark Andrews walking towards me. Feeling very confident that my short will extend an invite next summer from the team at Pixar or Laika. I like overcast skies more if I was to pick a favorite; reminds me of growing up in Connecticut.

Thanks again to the management at Patagonia San Francisco for allowing me time away from the shop, to focus on this tale of topsoil in American history. A special Lloyd Lindsay Young "Hellooooo" to Brian McClean, Sandro Cleuzo and Paul Briggs for listening and answering my more technical questions over the past year.

Color key used to evoke the emotion impact in the design of the poster. The Old Well on UNC's campus, boy do I miss home...

To everyone in Chapel Hill NC, the Tzedakah, my friends Great Outdoor Provision Company and Weaver Street Market for believing in me!