Day 188: Reflections of 2016: The Art of Pixar Short Films (Travel Edition)

Ran across another story that I should have posted during the GLAS Festival back in early March of 2016.

This past weekend during the GLAS Animation Festival, I had the pleasure of attending the CalArts Alumni E X Party, held at the David Brower Center in Berkeley CA. It was a very long night since I had been working the screening of Coraline with a Q&A featuring Henry Selick, followed by overseeing the Shorts Competition #6; before I was able to make my way over to the party at 23:00.

There I had the opportunity to meet Cartoon Brew's Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Amid Amidi. Like so many times at events and lectures of such, I tend to bring my copy of The Art of Pixar Short Films, in which he wrote in 2009. I was lucky enough to share with him my story of moving From Chapel Hill NC to Oakland in pursuit of a career in animation as a storyman and historian; before pulling out my book for him to view and sign. To my surprise Amid was blown away at the number of signatures I have accumulated over the past seven years, starting with Teddy Newton at SIGGRAPH in 2010 to most recently story artist Nate Stanton. What I learned that night from Amid was that he had read a few of my comments on Cartoon Brew, and knew of my name.

Amid went on to tell me that even though he had written the book, his copy lacked such a collection of signatures (I'm sure he has that elusive John Lasseter signature). As the night continued, he took photo's of it for his collection while we exchanged general conversation about the industry. It was nice that he encouraged me to continue building my skills as an animation historian; for the avenues to do great work are abundant, if I continue to align myself to be open to unplanned encounters.