Day 181: Book Review of The Art of Sanjay's Super Team

Here's a post I did one year to the date. I began utilizing this book on my film back in April and it has helped get over a bunch of hurdles. Every aspiring animation student should own a copy of this first of its kind art of book on one of Pixar's best shorts to date. Over the Winter break I plan on posting more resources here to help instruct my students. As a side note I've donated copy of the book in Meyers Library on the Oakland campus for checkout.

December 07, 2015

With finals being right around the corner, I don't have time to give this book a proper review. Especially with it being one of my first. So, here's what I think of the book in three words, "A Must Own!" Rarely has an animated short garnered a book on the scale of a traditional feature "Art of book". This breakdown of the pipeline for the film includes essays; illustrations and is a 130-page spread of insight and inspiration. 

The film is currently playing before The Good Dinosaur and looks like it will finish with an Oscar win, however Pixar shorts haven't been getting the love that they use to.

In the meantime feel free to read this review of the film from WIRED Magazines K.M. MCFARLAND